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Beautiful words for editorial, PR and adversiting

What this is about

Copy for Marketing & Advertising

Campaign claims and (SEO) copy for websites, magazines, mailings, flyers, apps, video storyboards and sometimes also for social media

PR & Corporate Communication

Communication strategy with stakeholder analysis, action planning, implementation and review

Content concept

Coherent concepts for marketing actions such as print magazines, websites, video storyboards, trade fair appearances and more

Trade fair planning

Project management for planning trade fairs and events from start to finish, from setup to dismantling

Editorial & Proofreading

Writing and revising specialist articles, company portraits, reports, interviews, press releases and more


Translations of press releases and marketing copy from German to English and English to German

Who does this?!


Graduated online journalist (FH), PR consultant and copywriter with beautiful words for editorial, PR and advertising. And what does a writer with wanderlust? She seeks for ways to cope and writes about it.


Moral instance and decorative room element – if present. But mostly somewhere out and about. And when at home, then as a sleeping shrimp. Still a great inspiration for all of us – on a global stage.

The Crew

There is more than copy writing. I work with creative and talented people who do everything I can’t: (UX) design, layout, illustration, programming, SEA, photography, online and social media marketing …

And you

You have the idea and I have the strategy, the creative mind and the right people. Whether quick copy tasks, one-off advertising campaigns or long-term content and communication projects … it’s going to be great!


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13. January 2020


Mein heimliches Hobby ist Bierzapfen auf Festen. Wer Bedarf hat, gerne melden. Ich komm vorbei und lass euch eins, zwei, drei, 48 Blonde mit Krone raus. In Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz und sogar im Dirndl. Vielleicht wird’s eine zweite Karriere. Prost!

Die größte Sehenswürdigkeit, die es gibt, ist die Welt. Sieh sie Dir an.
Kurt Tucholsky


Pia Sarah Eiko Röder
Dipl. Online-Journalistin FH

Mainstraße 115
64747 Breuberg
0178 678 50 97